CSS Selector Level 4 » Grid-Structural pseudo-class

The grid-structural pseudo-class is made for structural grids like tables. The :nth-col() pseudo-class represents a cell belonging to the column in a grid structure that has nth-columns before it, while :nth-last-col() will count from after that column.


:nth-col(An+B) {
    /* declarations */

:nth-last-col(An+B) {
    /* declarations */


:nth-col(2n+1) {
    background-color: gray;

:nth-last-col(3n+1) {
    background-color: green;

:nth-col() will set a gray background-color to each second column counting from the first column and :nth-last-col() will add a green background-color to every third column counting from the last column.

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Browser support

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Desktop No No No No No No
Mobile No No No No No No

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