CSS Selector Level 4 » Indeterminate-value pseudo-class

This pseudo-class is called the indeterminate-value pseudo-class which represents the indeterminate state of radio or checkbox elements. This state is set if the checkbox/radio is neither checked nor unchecked, basically a no pre-selected choice. Another indeterminate state would be an unknown progress meter completion.

# Syntax

:indeterminate {
    /* declarations */

# Example

:indeterminate {
    opacity: 0.6;

The above mentioned example would decrease the opacity of not pre-selected choice elements down to 0.6.

Try example in CodePen

# Browser support

Platform Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer Opera
Desktop Yes (15.0) Yes (4.0) Yes (5.1) Yes (12.0) Yes (9.0) Yes (12.1)
Mobile Yes (59) Yes (1) Yes (7.1) Yes (12.0) Yes (10.0) Yes (12.1)

# Usage statistics (Alexa Top 1,250,000 sites)

Due to an extreme price increase of our statistics provider the data collection was stopped in September 2018.

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