CSS Selector Level 4 » Lang pseudo-class

The lang pseudo-class will match the elements based on the document language. This could be set via the lang HTML attribute, an HTTP or <meta> information and it's similar to the CSS2 lang pseudo-class selector. The difference is the newly introduced wildcard selector which allows to select more languages at once.

# Syntax

:lang(*-language) {
    /* declarations */

# Example

:lang(en-*) {
    color: red;

While all elements with a language attribute that indicates English will have a red color, the French text will keep its default color.

Try example in CodePen

# Browser support

Platform Chrome Firefox Safari Edge Internet Explorer Opera
Desktop No No No No No No
Mobile No No No No No No

# Usage statistics (Alexa Top 1,250,000 sites)

Due to an extreme price increase of our statistics provider the data collection was stopped in September 2018.

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